Can I bring something not bought at the store in to be monogrammed?


Absolutely! We monogram everything we can, including brought in items. For pricing, give us a call or visit us!


What is the turn around time for items getting monogrammed?


We ask for one week to complete items. Most are done sooner and bigger projects sometimes take an extra day or two, but we try to keep you updated along the way. If you need an item sooner than our standard one week, we offer rush pricing for brought-in items and free rush for items bought in store. 


Do you monogram company logos?


Yes we do! To monogram your company's logo, we need the file in .DST format. If you don't have that, we can have the file digitized for $65. Logos are priced based on size and density, but we can usually give you an estimate. Give us a call or email your logo to for more information.


How do you monogram items?


We have multiple methods of monogramming: stitching, heat vinyl, regular vinyl, and hot stamping.

Stitching is the most common and can be done on most types of fabric.